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Everything You Need To Know About EasiPanel Wall Panelling System

Easipanel is a unique timber-textured MDF wall panelling system to use if you want a quick and easy transformation to brighten up your home. Simply attach over any existing surface, including wallpaper or untidy plaster. It comes in two designs, Tongue & Groove and Raised & Fielded EasiPanels, both with a realistic wood grain finish. […]

How to install Polyurethane/Polystyrene Covings

One of the key advantages of polyurethane/polystyrene covings is how easy they are to install. Here are some key tips to remember to make your coving installation project trouble free. PREPARATION OF SURFACES Ensure the areas you are fixing the covings to are dust free and dry. If applying to freshly plastered walls and ceilings, […]

Reasons Why You Should Install Decorative Mouldings

At their most basic, decorative mouldings are strips of material used to cover transitions between various surfaces e.g. ceiling to wall, wall to wall or floor to wall. Their practical function is to hide or seal natural joints/ gaps which can form in the building process. However, modern building solutions mean this practical solution is […]