What type of material is right for my Coving Project?

Modern materials and manufacturing techniques mean that coving and cornice profiles can now come in a variety of materials, not just traditional plaster. However, with choice can come confusion! Our coving experts at Coving Direct have taken the hassle out of it for you, and laid out the different coving materials available. Read on below to find out what material is right your coving project.



The traditional plaster moulding is still a popular choice, particularly among builders and tradesmen who as we know are often reluctant to embrace change! It is definitely still relevant today but more so for the restoration of properties or matching a section of coving that needs to be replaced or added to. There are so many variables (height, depth, design etc.) that it is practically impossible to find a match to an existing coving “off the shelf”. These really are projects best left to a professional plaster moulding company who have the skills and knowledge needed for this type of work.



Yes, we know polystyrene has a bad reputation, and based on what was being sold through the large DIY multiples it deserved it! A vast improvement on the quality of materials combined with modern manufacturing techniques mean that todays polystyrene profiles are a world away from the product that looked like something your washing machine came packed in! They have a smooth outer shell which is more robust than you might think and also allows for a very nice finish. They also offer excellent value for money. It is for these reasons that Polystyrene has become the most popular range at Coving Direct UK.



When European manufacturers first started exploring ways of replacing plaster as a material for covings and cornice polyurethane was the material of choice. And rightly so! Anything that could be achieved with plaster can be done with polyurethane but with some important advantages. It is much lighter than plaster and where plaster mouldings are extremely fragile (until installed), polyurethane is extremely robust. As it is produced in individual moulds, the design possibilities are endless. However, this production method also gives one disadvantage over polystyrene and polymer type mouldings: Price. Yes it is more expensive than some of the alternatives out there but (and I’m being honest here) if the budget allows it, polyurethane would be my choice every time. The quality of finish you get with polyurethane mouldings really is exceptional. View all our polyurethane products.


POLYFORCE®️ Polymer mouldings

I think Polyforce®️ mouldings could best be described as the “Goldilocks” material! It is robust with sharp detailing and a quality finish. This is all at fair value for money, as well as being easy to install and to work with. This is also the material that is used for our extremely popular panel mouldings. The only disadvantage with Polyforce®️ is that due to the manufacturing method it cannot produce larger type covings or detailed traditional designs. These designs include “Dental” and “Egg & Dart”. However, it does offer a very stylish range of modern designs which are proving very popular with people who would not have normally thought about putting coving into their projects. Polyforce®️ is also used for the majority of our lighting profiles. View our Linea Lightweight Coving or indirect lighting products now.

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