What Are Skirting Boards and Architraves?

The most common mouldings in any house are skirting boards and architraves. However, not many people are aware of the differences in the materials used to make them. Unless you are well-up on your interior design knowledge, it can be easy to make mistakes when choosing your materials.

Skirting boards and architraves are first and foremost a practical mould offering protection from impact and covering imperfect edging where floors and doors meet walls. Traditionally they are made from wood (usually the cheaper species such as white deal) or MDF. Decoration is kept simple, with “Torus” and “Ogee” being the most popular styles.  

Due to the locations of skirting and architrave they are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear and both wood and MDF are known to deteriorate quickly. MDF in particular does not like water so the mopping of wooden floors does not help!

Coving Direct offers skirting boards and architraves in MDF and also an innovative new material called Polyforce™ which is a highly impact resistant and waterproof material. Our Polyforce™ mouldings will accept all paint types and we are now also offering them in a new finish called Supreme Satin™ where no painting is required.


Skirting Joints

Shipping restrictions mean that our skirting boards and architraves are only available in 2m and 2.4m lengths. Due to these relatively short lengths people are often concerned about joints being visible. At Coving Direct we do not like exposed joints either!

Skirting boards should always be joined using a “scarf joint” and never a “butt joint”. A scarf joint leaves a very fine glue line that is barely visible even before paint is applied. You can see how a scarf joint is formed in our installation video:  

You will also find that in a standard room there will rarely be a run of over 2m of skirting exposed without being covered by furniture or a radiator etc. It is surprising just how little you see of the skirting boards!

At Coving Direct, we stock a large range of skirting boards and architraves. Shop online today. We deliver throughout the UK and there is free shipping on orders over £100. 

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